Shattered Opus Redemption

I managed to find the time to do some personal work recently, and just for fun I decided to go back and look at some of the projects I worked on with Massive Black at the Concept Art Atelier back in the day. One of my favorites was the Shattered Opus Project, and while I liked some of the sketch work I did for it, I was always disappointed that I never got to flesh a lot of them out. Here is a character based on one of those original sketches. I am also working on the female version. The original female design I created ended up being painted out by my friend and fellow classmate John Brassel. He did a really good job on it, as well as his original design for the male version, and it'll be fun to see the two side by side once I finally get the female fleshed out. One of the best parts of going to a school like the atelier was being surrounded by such great art students and getting to throw ideas back and forth and learn from each other.

Just for fun, here is the initial thumbnail sketch for the next character design in the series.

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